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insightbpa, post: 250171, member: 97629 wrote:
I agree – be upfront about your timeframe and stick to it. If they call to hassle you, gently remind them that the timeframe you’ve stated ensures they will get the best quality results.
On a side note though – if you get a lot of rush jobs, have you considered charging a Rush Fee? Maybe shave a couple days off your standard timeframe? Of course you would only want to do this if you can still comfortably and consistently deliver, but if you are building buffer into your standard timeframes you might be able to offer two turnaround options (standard or rush). If you’re clever with your implementation you might find you can actually increase your overall revenue this way, with the added bonus that clients feel they have some extra control.

I like the way you think and lets also add a Rush Fee of 50% that will make a few of them back off