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Hi Jayneg77,

Exciting! Many of our customers start small, with just a few product skus and grow the business from their own home/garage etc.

We have some really inspiring case studies on successful online retailers who hold their own inventory https://www.starshipit.com/case-studies/

In particular, check out the stories about Yoko – Dominque Perri started her online business retailing baby clothes and is now doing a range of clothing for kids up to 10 years.

Another customer Miann & Co’s story will be published later this week so check back as this husband and wife team started out really small at home in the evening and now have a business that they work/run together without the need for another day job. They all have great advice for newbies and the stories are really inspiring.

Drop shipping is cheaper but riskier in the sense you do not control the delivery – do your homework, will it get there within a reasonable time frame?What does it cost to get replacement items sent if sent incorrectly etc. Who pays? But it has many benefits too http://blog.shipit.click/2015/08/25/drop-shipping-101/.

Think about fulfillment, have you got time to do it yourself? How do you want the goods to arrive in your customers hands and how to manage the returns process etc. Start small, figure out what your customers want & expect from you (get feedback) and focus on ensuring you are meeting customer expectations all the way through their journey.

Good luck!