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Lucy Kippist
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Mischelle, post: 250430, member: 60404 wrote:
Hi Lucy,

It wasn’t in my case, but for 3 people I know, redundancy was the driving force behind them starting their own businesses.

Redundancy can be a scary concept and combine that with starting your own business, can be truly terrifying BUT the only way for them to make it work was to look at the redundancy as a positive (IE the push they needed).

2 of them took up franchise businesses as they had the funds to pay for them, and they could start easily, with all the tools and marketing in place and clients already in the area.

1 started from scratch and I have to admit this one is more successful and happy as he wasn’t limited by a franchise, but the world was his oyster LOL. He now works less hours and has 4 staff.

Mischelle :):)

Thanks for sharing this Mischelle, how interesting to see two such different ways of approaching a franchise too -I like the sound of working less with more staff! What a great result.