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Ian Aldridge
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I started my business out of frustration.

A almost gave the legal game away after returning from London. The thought of speaking to another recruiter when I came back and getting on the “partnership treadmill” made me want to “vom in my mouth”.

I was encouraged to get into business, and after a failed attempt with a “friend” in an automation business, I realised that I needed something for myself. Something I could have full control and direction over, without having to ask for someone else’s opinion or permission.

I’m sure a lot of solo owners start up by being eventually fed-up with working for someone else or potentially they’re working with another person that they found out wasn’t all they cracked up to be.

Whether it’s a redundancy, opportunity, termination, an overseas trip, another failed business venture or you’re just fed up with working for someone else, whatever the reason, give it a shot.

I found that assembling the right people around me was crucial. Getting your A-Team together so to speak. Getting the right advice at the right time from the right people. Accounting, Law, Marketing, IT/Systems, Web-dev, Education, perhaps even coaching. They all play such an important role in the foundations of business and its success. I’ve seen many people suffer (including me) as a result of not choosing one of these right. The chances of getting these all right the first time is almost near-on impossible but when you find the right people to give you the right timely advice, it can be the stitch in time that saves nine.