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Hey Heyloiuse,

Taking a very broad view (largely in line with the comments above) I think the two dream outcomes/benefits small business owners want from their website are:
1. Attract lost of good quality leads (or sales/enquiries if selling products)
2. Appear on page one of Google for their target keywords

Both these are extremely hard (we can dream though!) and require so much beyond a website to make happen. For example – is the product/service in demand? Is the offer right? Is the business strategy right? How much competition? etc etc..

That’s where I think the web developers job for small business can be so hard, where they are sometimes expected to carry a whole business on the back of a website!

Given that most people will have some sort of website already, perhaps the more realistic benefit is that you can help take the current metrics (sales/leads/traffic/engagement) and improve them with a new site.

In terms of biggest fear, I also think that it’s the cost – mainly that it will blow out and/or not get properly finished (sort of like a renovation!).

Not sure that helps all that much, it’s quite a tricky market to cut through. Your current pitch looks pretty good at first glance!

Good topic of discussion :)

Cheers, Peter