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John Romaine
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Byron Trzeciak, post: 251505, member: 56118 wrote:
It all comes down to selling, most web designers sell design and making things look pretty but what business owners typically want is more leads and sales.

So first you need to inform your leads that your purpose is to get them more leads.

Then you inform them …..You will get the more leads because you design conversion focused websites with integrated search optimisation (if that’s what you do)….

You then explain your process on how you do it and why it’s different to others in your industry. It costs this much because of x, y and z.

You can follow up by showing them case studies of your results / designs so they know what they’ll receive and they level of quality you provide versus someone at say $500 dollar price point.

You should have a minimum entry point for the quality you want to provide and if leads fall below that then you simply say that it won’t be a good fit and you move on. You can’t convert the nonconvertible and if you take on low end leads it will not work out well for you in the long run.

Sounds familiar ;)