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Peter – FS Administrator, post: 250399, member: 1 wrote:
Hi Greg – it’s amazing the power Google has over the visibility (or invisibility) of a website. Good to hear it’s showing signs of life now :) I like the tank cleaning site – very clean and simple, pun intended.
Cheers, Peter

Thanks Peter, though I would prefer he didn’t paint his trucks red :(

As usual for me (and slightly off topic), this site is part of an experiment in getting the hang of what can be done with PWA’s (Progressive Web Apps) and Googles offerings on “Firebase”, all a bit useless on his site (apart from load speed and free hosting), but the client is game and we’re developing a cunning plan for some possibilities with PWA’s…which I’m beginning to think are going to explode…for anyone interested in what they can do.


Also…again off topic, but a pretty impressive service worth checking out if you’re over the CMS shared hosting paradigm like me.