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Like Bert, a lack of contact information will prevent me from engaging a business – I would usually also search ASIC before engaging someone – but, obviously that’s good to think of now, and doesn’t help your current problem!

If they’re trading a business in Australia under a name other than their own, this could actually be a breach of the Business Names Act. Part of the purpose/reason for business name registrations is for moments like these – to ensure you can locate/obtain information about a business if needed.

Two weeks is a while in my view to go without contact, but not so long that there may not be a legitimate reason for it. Do they have a website? If not listed on ASIC – maybe a ‘whois’ search on the domain name will reveal some additional contact information that you could try? Depending on Registrar and type of domain (some people will pay extra to keep their contact information private) you may even find a phone number, or alternative email address.

If you’ve had to follow up previously, and now this, I’d be a little wary moving forwards with them in case of future delays. If you’ve paid the design fee and have those sketches – check out the terms & conditions around those sketches. If they’re your property, may be it is time to look at alternate suppliers and obtain quotes elsewhere?