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Hy John! Wow all the way to Sulawesi! Glad you love the food! I’ve only been to Makassar but it’s soo different than Bali.

yeahAdelaide is such a foodie town! I gained 4kg from 2 weeks in I was there in May! I was tossing the idea of Indonesian/Balinese snack food truck/late night dessert (like Eggless) business but I lack the experience in food Industry, hoping to find a partner with similar vision of bringing Klepon and Martabak or such to the Adelaide food scene

Thanks for the link! Much appreciated!

John Debrincat, post: 250523, member: 2969 wrote:
Hello [USER=99988]@Leona1[/USER] wow Bali to Adelaide. That will be a big change for you. The SA scene is big on food and wine so maybe there is some synergy with your food fusion bistro even Indonesian street food. I just got back from 2 weeks in Sulawesi and what a difference (even between Bali and Sulawesi). But the food was fantastic.

The Oz government have a nice gateway site for business startups – https://www.business.gov.au/.

Look forward to hearing what you get up to. Welcome to Oz.