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If someone want to be abusive walk away you don’t need this you have a business to build and once an abusive customer always an abusive customer and you don’t have to put up with their crap

One thing I learnt a long time ago is that when it comes to money, people can become irrational very quickly. Money is a very emotive subject.

Having worked in retail banking for quite a while and lending in particular, I copped it in a lot of different ways.

I once had a customer whose restaurant burnt down making it difficult for him to keep up his loan repayments. While being compassionate about his situation, I was also quite firm about his need to restructure. He was very abusive towards me but reluctantly agreed. Several months later he was extremely appreciative of what I had done once he could see what I had suggested was working.

Another became abusive for what he saw were deficiencies in our service. I challenged him and after a push back he didn’t have reason to be abusive as there had been a misunderstanding. Matter was resolved, fences mended and became a good relationship.

Another customer was having trouble repaying. He became abusive at what he was told and loans were transferred for debt recovery. His situation arose because of his (mis)management.

Also had a case where a staff member was being abused by a customer. I tore out of my office, got him to sign a withdrawal and closed his account. Got the shock of his life that someone would stand up to his aggressive behaviour.

I could go on, but the point I want to make is that I reckon it is more about understanding. Understand why they are being abusive and there could be a fix.

Had a customer abuse me terribly as few years ago and threatened legal action. Thought he had the upper hand – he didn’t. Told him to go for it, and never heard from him again.

The underlying position I had in every example is that I knew why I was being abused and determined my response based on that, rather than the abuse itself. Certainly it can be overcome, but definitely isn’t the way you want to conduct business on a regular basis.