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Alan Maddick
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If you really want to be xxx pty ltd then you will need to change the company name. At $395 it is still cheaper then registering a new company.

FYI though you do not need to put ABC Pty Ltd T/as xxx on all your documents you can just put xxx on your cards, website etc if you register it as a business name (I think you realise this from your post?)

You can also put the footer you want on your websites to make it look bigger ie

Say you register xxx business name (your new “parent” and then you register bbb and ccc business names (all 3 business names of ABC Pty Ltd) on the website of bbb you can say bbb is part of the xxx group or the xxx group of businesses — the fact xxx does not own bbb does not mean they are not part of one group. – hopefully this makes sense?