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Aidan, post: 250857, member: 2298 wrote:
Last I looked, Facebook was hosted in Ireland though their biggest market is obviously not Ireland.
Facebook (and all major websites) have mirrored hosting all around the world, so they are actually hosted in many countries not just one. ;)

As has been mentioned above, the two most important aspects on this are page load speed, and a range of information that indicates if your website is intended for a local audience, not just where it’s hosted.

For the first factor, it could be that a very good US based webhost that is cheaper due to US prices being cheaper delivers your website faster than a not-so-good Australian host. Though a good Australian host will help page load speed, even if just a little.

Localization factors, will include website content including any contact info you have, Google business listing, geo location of users accessing your site …etc. And where your site is hosted will be in there as one factor too, but depending on the other factors will vary in importance and weighting.

Something else that I want to spend a little time looking into at some stage are CDN networks such as Cloudflare and the like, which in theory have the effect of your site being “hosted” locally all around the world, just like Facebook but for a much smaller budget in effect. ;) I’d like to see if this adds the same small value that hosting locally does, with the advantage of then not being limited to where you can host your site.