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I’ve got a lot of experience sourcing from Asia. In fact, I’ve spent much of my life living in places like Shenzhen where many of the types of products you’re looking for are manufactured. I would agree with earlier posters though that I’m not sure how viable kicking off with such a low budget in that particular type of product actually is.

Products like that are extremely low margin so unless you’re coming in with huge capital and you’re placing big orders so you can, for example, leverage cheaper per unit shipping (among other things like screwing the suppliers on price) then I’d suggest putting your $400 into a web based business. Maybe use it to get set up with a decent website and look at drop shipping. There are plenty of successful people that I know that started with less than that.

If you do decide to go down that route regardless then my recommendation of the directory sites to use would be Alibaba. Make sure you do your due diligence on the supplier though. The way I’ve often used sites like that in the past would be to identify a list of potential suppliers then book appointments with them and physically go there. Obviously that is not an option for you so the only thing I can suggest is asking the suppliers for references in Australia that you can call.