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bana, post: 250677, member: 88920 wrote:
The field workers write invoices for customers then bring them back to the office. Each customer is saved into Xero, and the invoice copied online, and the receipts reconciled via Xero. (I know I could get workers to enter invoices on a tablet remotely; that will be a big change to tackle and I will need time to baby them into it *eyeroll*).

So that’s invoice entry. Then I have the expenditure receipts (fuel, bunnings receipts etc) that I scan, add as expense/cash payment in Xero. (again, Ideal is they scan them on the run. not happening soon).

Have you actually spoken to them about doing the entry in the field, instead of making an assumption that you need to baby them, maybe they are hanging out for it. Speak to your people, don’t go and spend many employing a VA or other help when the solution may already be available.

To get a VA or worse still a Book keeper to do what your field staff could do is adding additional time and cost which may not be necessary.