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I think a lot of the convolution comes from the fact that the intellectual property systems of each country are largely independent from one another. Let’s just leave it at – we’re working on it!

Agreed. But that In itself is one reason for the costs associated with it all.

Admittedly, I am more interested in examples where products are going the other way, from Oz, rather than imported to. But as I said, I see that as becoming much more important as these Aussie businesses need to become more literate about doing business sin Asia.

The vast majority of companies don’t set out to infringe patent rights.

But there are plenty of companies/individuals sitting on some sort of IP. It is almost an industry in itself in Chinea

Here is an example:


(This was a case New Balance actually lost. I seem to recall their attorney citing a win not long after because they managed to get the payment reduced. Hardly a win in my eyes.

Interestingly, I was in China just after this ruling and walked past a shop selling NB shoes. New Bailone was the brand name, but with the NB logo.

And there are many more that include large companies including the likes of Chanel (from memory)