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A late welcome Andrew… I saw a post on another thread, and being a trade marks attorney myself your signature and profession jumped out. Congratulations on starting your own business – always a big leap!

I think we have similar goals in our business, and my experience is suggesting a lot of the smaller or more ’boutique’ style providers are moving towards fixed fees and doing away with hourly billing as well. I know I work a lot with smaller/start up businesss so having certain budgets is of course useful. I also share the idea of wanting to provide the quality (trademark) services without the same ‘price tag’ often associated with them so we’re on the same page.

I visited your website mostly because I saw in your signature “applications $400” – and thought “how’s he doing that?!” and see now it’s your professional fee – makes more sense… still definitely competitive! Look forward to seeing you around the boards here :)

I don’t work in patents at all, so will add you to the list if a QLD client ever needs patent assistance.