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Hi Andrew,
Welcome to Flying Solo. Using an ‘agile’ model to reduce bloated administration seems a logical method for your business model and hopefully have an on-flow to clients. I’m unsure how your approach to being disruptive in the IP sector is going, from my understanding there are a number of boutique IP company’s which are more flexible than the top tier and can offer fixed costing.

I used to, many years ago, seconded from a UK university with the UK Government’s Business Links as a technology consultant. At the time I found small to medium size business had absolutely amazing innovators, just needing a nudge to find funding and suppliers to really move their business. IP wasn’t highly thought of then, with many SMEs shunning due to cost and lack of knowledge of the benefits.

I think your point of difference must be your connection with your clients, building a rapport and working relationship which is similar to say, a personal trainer, educating to help keep the business’ IP portfolios healthy. Personally i would like to see better outreach to the small business community, something i hav an interest in with IP. The benefit of building a connection like this will see you grow with your clients. Then trust would underpin a strong working relationship.

I enjoyed viewing your website and applaud your values about quality time over quantity. Having a fresh view on productivity work hours is a great step in the right direction. Having a flexible work environment should assist you to attract some talented people, without losing quality. Not to mention you could consider SME flexibility and deliver a strong customer service base by building value in availability?

Best regards