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bb1, post: 250759, member: 53375 wrote:
hadn’t heard babysitter used before had heard of caretaker (yes old fashioned, in a modern world), and I know some virtual assistants would do it.

Most likely not, but due to my answer to question 4 (stock)

I have seen it mentioned on some virtual assistant sites

1. As Robert mentioned trust, trust and more trust.
2. How long would it take you to get up to speed with our procedures and practices. And I am guessing I would have to pay you for the training time, plus the lost time on my part training you
3. Cost, I am guessing you will want a decent pay packet, and would most sole traders have the funds for that.
4. Your availability, will you be doing this exclusively for m business or time sharing. This could impact timeframes, etc.
5. Your point above Stock, I would think very few business’s would have the ability to get stock to you, so you would need to come the stock, which obviously is a cost issue, time, security and trust.

A very good idea, but the 2 biggies for your average sole trader would be cost and stock I am guessing.

Hi, some very good points, thanks for taking the time to reply. In terms of getting up to speed with processes and training time, I suppose this would depend very greatly on the requirements of the holiday cover. Most online businesses would be similar in their procedures and required tasks (answering customer emails, social media community management), which would make the handover process a bit easier.

I don’t see this as a total ‘set and forget’ situation, I would envisage the business owners would need to check-in every so often (depending on the length of their trip and pre-determined appropriate times), as they’ll still be the final decision makers when it comes to certain aspects.

Yes, I agree, obtaining the stock will be the number one stumbling block, the business would perhaps have to start off on a local scale and could expand by recruiting trusted ‘packers’ in various locations, or the owner using a mailing/distribution service that’s local to them for the time they are away, while I would take care of liaison and smooth operation.

Lots to think about, but thanks very much for your insight.