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Hey Dan,

Welcome to FS!

Do the issues you highlighted happen on both the T42 and T48? Or are some of those issues isolated to one or the other?

Assuming they’re configured correctly which they should be if you can make/receive calls, then that would lead me to start looking at either;

  • the internet connection you’re running those VoIP services over (including the modem/router you’re using) or
  • the VoIP provider

If your internet connection is slow, unreliable (dropouts, congested etc) it could be possible it’s killing the VoIP connections/calls. VoIP (and SIP, the primary VoIP protocol) isn’t very resilient under poor internet conditions.

We’ve had some success with our Hosted PBX customers by changing a setting in the customer’s modem/router called ‘SIP ALG’ so it’s turned off. If you can PM me your modem/router model I can shoot you step by step instructions on how to disable it.

If you wanted to rule out your VoIP Provider as being the issue, I’m happy to provide you with one of our VoIP accounts for testing for a few days.