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There are two distinct answers to your question. Most get the first one, but many miss the second part.

Verification of suppliers is actually quite easy. Verifying who they are, where they are, what they do, whether they are real etc., there are a whole heap of ways to do that, both by using the resources of online platforms (although not always reliable), and your own methods.

By far something much harder to verify is things like whether supplier actually can do what you want them to do, whether they can consistently provide the quality you want, whether they will assist in the event of problems etc.

There are things like online reviews, but I can’t recall ever taking these types of reviews at face value.

This is the part that requires some trial and error. You can use a factory for 3 orders and the 4th will be wrong, you can ask for something and miscommunication (by either side) will mean not getting the end result you want.

It is those things that you cannot know at the outset. It takes time to understand and it is an ongoing process. To understand it well is to have experienced it so there will always be trial and error.