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Mischelle, post: 250887, member: 60404 wrote:

Firstly welcome to the forum :) I agree with Rowan on the fact that you need to understand that you ARE contributing to your family, it’s a huge job having kids, so put any negative thoughts on that part aside and now focus on the business.

So you purchased a ready made website, with drop ship suppliers, not an established business – Correct?

May I suggest you put your link to your site so we can see it and give you more specific feedback. Put it in the signature of your profile.

Also, what marketing have you completed so far or have plans for in the future?

PLEASE remember, it takes a while to establish an online business and the only way is traffic to your site and creating a demand through social media..


How many people are visiting your site?
Do you have a Facebook page – are you getting “likes” on that?
What other social media platforms are you on?
A big one – Is there a market for the products you are selling – IE do people want them?

There are a few SEO guru’s on this forum who can give you assistance on where to go to help generate traffic and how to improve your SEO (That means Search Engine Optimization) :):)

Take it one step at a time and I think the first one is giving us access to your site to give you some feedback.

Mischelle :):)
Yes not an established business.
I’m a little insecure about it because I’m such a rookie I’m scared there is going to be heaps of comments on things I may already know but don’t want confirmed because this not working isn’t an option for me.
I’ve just done a fb business page and instagram, I’ve put through for google via my cpanel links but nothing’s happened there yet. I am still to yet read through all the advertising resources that came with my website purchase. Oh and I’ve also added some items to an eBay store.