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Hi Leanne,

Your website look good, but I have one recommendation and that is you make sure to load more images for each product. When someone’s buying online they want to see more images from different angles. Ask your suppliers for more images.

Also add more details in the description of some products, but I understand this is a work in progress :):)

Unfortunately Rowan is correct, you are up against CrazySale, OzSales, MyDeal, Kogan etc which are the big ones.

It’s great you have your eBay site running I also suggest importing it to your Facebook store (For help on that go to – https://www.facebook.com/business/help/846547442125798)

As per Rowan suggestion maybe filter your products down to more of a niche range so you don’t have such strong competition with the big ones.

BUT a Good thing – I randomly picked a few of your products are they were the cheapest on eBay Australia:


But of course there are some that are more expensive, but that is retail for you :)

Keep you chin up Leanne and give yourself more time to get your message out there and read the material you have got to help you.