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Dave Gillen – Former FS Concierge
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Hi [USER=100228]@boutiqueofbling[/USER],

1. A few weeks is nothing, don’t give up based on that.
2. Pay an SEO specialist for a few hours work to make sure your site is indexed properly, and to connect Google Analytics. It could set you back months if you DIY and get it wrong (you may well be invisible). I can recommend someone if you like.
3. Your product descriptions are direct copies of the same ones on many other sites. I would re-write each one in your own words, otherwise Google will never rank them highly.

4. You likely won’t make a success of the business while you’re in such a panicked state. Get the SEO stuff done, then take a break from it for a week or 2 to focus on your home, family, relationship, sanity. Have a discussion with your partner about “this is going to take longer than I thought” and about what’s most important over the next 3 months because at present it sounds like your time is too stretched and everything is suffering a little.

Good luck!