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I don’t have much good news to add about your current site, but I will (hopefully) balance that by offering some ideas for going forward.

The bad:

1) First of all, as has been said above, your “fashion” site is one of a million, and there’s nothing on it that stands out. You need to stand out in some way.

2) As above, your copy is not original at all meaning it will add nothing to your SEO. You need to write original copy for ALL your products, as well as “alt” tages for your images.

The way forward:

1) Take a step back, and spend some time finding out what potential customers are looking for online. After all, if they’re not looking for what you offer, then your site will never be of use to them. You will need to do some keyword research, which you can do by googling that and assessing then utilising some of the available tools online, or by engaging a professional to do it for you.

2) Once armed with that keyword information, assess it to see if there’s a niche you can target, that seems popular plus has lower competition than the mainstream searches do. One example of a niche, something I toyed with doing but chose not to: I purchased the domain “blackandwhite.com” or similar (may not have been .com), and was going to use it for an affiliate store, black and white fashion items, and only black and white. See, that’s a niche.

Now I didn’t go very far with this, did no keyword research to justify it being a good niche to target, but hopefully that example may spur you to think of something else.

3) Once you have identified your niche, you could trial the niche a couple of ways to gauge the interest:
– Sell some items on Ebay, see if they sell easily.
– Create a dedicated page on your current site displaying items within only that niche, and then run either an Adwords campaign, or do some SEO work forcusing on just that page and those items around your identified keywords.

4) Once you’ve gone through the above, then you may be ready to revise your entire website to only carry the niche items you’re identified, and the overall design, copy, calls to action …etc also focused on this identified target market.