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Alan Maddick
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I agree Cashflow manager is so 1990s…it is quite simple though and some people find it easy to use.. Xero & QBO are definetlty the best for most clients and what I recomend to 90% of clients.

To run petty cash properly in any bookkeeping system the best thing is to set up a new “bank account” called Petty Cash

When you move money from your takings or till to go and pay suppliers record this in a book somewhere then later enter it in your system as Sales & Deposit to “Petty Cash” — when you pay your supplier record it as paid from the “Petty Cash” Bank account. You would also generally have a tin or box which holds your petty cash the amount left in this box should equal the amount in your “Petty Cash” in your software.

^ Sorry I hope this is at least slightly helpfull…its hard to explain with written word.

Depending on the size and complexity of your business don’t rule out a simple paper ledger book which can be the best for very small businesses.