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Rowan @ GardenLarder, post: 250913, member: 28171 wrote:
As a business that is not suited to FB marketing I can only comment as a social user.
It is a well written article but not a lot different than other similarly themed articles. I would like to see more helpful content such as the type of posts a business shouldn’t post, why customers might engage more with some types of posts than others.
I would suggest that your stats might be a bit off/misleading, or that you are not getting your stats from reliable sources – for example the statement that 32% of FB users engage with brands on a regular basis does not mean they engage with a particular companies brand regularly, IMO they just tend to click on random brand posts that their friends have engaged with, and usually only for promotions that particularly interest them. I personally have a app that removes all business promotions, even those that friends have engaged with because I find them highly annoying.

I like your style of writing though, it is an engaging article.

Thanks Rowan. Great feedback, and I probably need to consider being clearer with my stat usage. So you think it would be good to understand what doesn’t work also?