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While I think there’s some merit in an Australian based freelancer website, one thing that struck me as not a good look imo, is some of the copy on your ‘about’ page.

One thing I’ve found in business is that you wont get far by ‘bagging’ the competition…ability to communicate easily with clients is a valid sales point but selecting particular countries of origin and indicating the service is dodgy is pushing it a little.

One it’s not true. I’ve seen just as many nasty and dodgy outputs from Australian based freelancers, as anything I’ve sourced overseas.

You will also alienate any Australian based freelancers and consumers who happen to have those named countries as their cultural background.

I don’t think ‘jingoism’ will give you the depth of clientele you’ll need to get this to scale and if it does, do you have the engineers and developers in place to manage it with WordPress?