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Pre-launch registration of freelancers, it’s how every other similar site launches and avoid this issue. Publicising it to where the relevant freelancers hang out, Facebook targeted ads…etc.

If I saw a new Australian freelance marketplace “coming” and it communicated effectively why it was different, and why it would help me attract new clients, I would likely sign up, as I’m sure many would. At present it appears that you don’t know how to reach your target market effectively hence I have little incentive to register.

And you are perhaps missing the point some have mentioned. Even if you remove the comments denigrating overseas resources, you still need to communicate (and do) why a freelancer on your site is going to be more likely to deliver what I need than other better known sites (including at least two other Australian freelancer sites that I know – plus this one, if you post in the relevant forum).

It’s true to not give up if you really believe in something, but at present I don’t think your key point(s) of differentiation are clear either on the website and possibly with yourself.