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Brionne Naish
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usiteaustralia, post: 250972, member: 100294 wrote:
Hi all,

I’ve recently started a new online freelance marketplace and I’d love to get some feedback and ideas for my new business.

The website is https://usite.com.au

I believe the platform we have built is solid and the idea is a good one, but would genuinely love to hear others thoughts on it.
I’m at the point now need that I am looking to gain some traction for the site. I’ve started advertising on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and on Flying Solo but it is all a slow process trying to grow a website and build trust in it. Does anybody have any tips for this?

Of course anybody on here is welcome to post a project or join as a freelancer as well :)


good on you for building it. We had considered building a similar site ourselves. I use freelancer.com but the fees are ridiculous.

First thing you should do with your site is make sure its secure.
Right now it’s not secure. I wouldn’t put my credit card details into any site that is not secure.

Good luck with it. Marketing on social networks is good idea but im in the same boat as you with regard to getting a platform off the ground. We are building a digital downloads platform.