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I can’t answer about the legalities of flyers although previous comments on this suggest to be careful about where you put them.

I am not a big fan of handing out anything as I think most get thrown in the bin unless you are lucky to get one person at the very time they want your service/product.

Besides, handing our business cards isn’t networking. Interacting is networking. My networking happens anywhere and everywhere. In the pub I talk to people and we interact, at events I do the same, at parties I do the same. It isn’t selling, it is getting to know people and them getting to know you.

If word of mouth is really something that is going to drive your business ( and in my opinion is one of the best forms of promotion) then you have to work at it constantly. And as importantly, networking isn’t just about you, it is also about getting to know and understand the other side.

For my business in particular, just about all my customers are in other countries, so I rely quite a lot on social media (places like LinkedIn) to offer some knowledge or information and hopefully be seen as someone who knows a bit of what they are talking about.