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I have these relationships in place with a few other businesses (incoming and outgoing).

The referrals I send to others are commission based on sales (rather than simply a fee for the lead), which sounds like what you’ll be doing Dave. If I refer to another business (where I am due to be paid a fee), I tend to put it on a draft invoice at that time and at the end of the month follow up to make sure the work went ahead and send the final invoice. For me, these tend to be existing clients of mine that I am referring elsewhere. So, if it’s (for whatever reason) not appropriate to keep track on a draft invoice, I pop a reminder on my diary to touch-base every couple of weeks to see if they’ve converted to a sale and then invoice. This way, I don’t have to try and keep track of who I have sent over. I would also generally send a personal introduction, copying in the supplier and client.

In my experience, the points I refer to have been quite trustworthy in paying commissions – and – totally fine with following up every so often to get a status on the lead converting to sales.

For those ‘incoming’ referrals, where I need to pay the commission I keep a running statement during the month so each time a new client commences work from that point the commission goes on the statement and again at end of month I send the complete statement and make the payment. Again, these tend to be personal introductions with the referring business copying me into an email to introduce me to their client etc.