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Hi Henry,

Thanks for the reply.

Even though I’m a Mac user I’ve never really used iCloud, I now now a lot more about it :)…and I still won’t be using it.

We’ve had a “reasonable” resolution of the matter today and have most of the data back, the important stuff like images (some irreplaceable like major life events and family past on)…

The dealer went from “you’ll need to contact Apple to fix it” to a meeting today with their top tech guy and a conference call to Apple, and the CEO of the franchise lurking in the back office (apparently had travelled quite a long way and had a very serious team meeting before we started). Amazing what can happen if you don’t back down and sound like you might keep pursuing it.

Even the tech guy wasn’t too sure how the operator had done it, but it was obvious they’d gone outside their training manual and procedures trying to fix the initial issue. Their usual procedure sounded ok to me…they back everything up on their computers first then push it back to the new phone BUT someone hadn’t logged out of a previous customer back up, and no one checked it before starting the new clients backup…old customers back up corrupted and wiped our files.

Some how iTunes got into the mix trying to recover but iCloud got wiped 😡

Anyhow long story slightly shorter…Apple saved the day, it would take another 1000 words to explain how, but the tech guy was good and the Apple support was brilliant…in the early stages looked like it was going to be a fail even by Apple, but they played on and got most of the stuff back…the young tech guy looked mighty relieved when the data started reappearing.

I’m happy, the dealer took some pain and lost kudos, no-one got sacked.

There’s probably a moral in there somewhere, I also know someone who now wants to learn how to back up separately to a HD (never did before).