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You’ve done a great job branding ABW and the website looks great. If the sales are going well and the brand is starting to establish itself, it would make sense to just position it as the importer/distributor/representative of Maxton in Australia. Depending on the agreement you have with them, you could put their logo on the website and all letterheads/invoices saying that you are the exclusive Australian distributor. This will give your business some added cred and potentially put you in the focus of other manufacturers. But make sure you have a contract with Maxton and possibly trademark their name in Aus (or get them to do it and use you as their IP Aus rep)
But if you think Maxton is a far bigger and well known brand than yours, then consider selling 100% under their brand and shut down ABW or run it as another business.
>> reg Maxton as a business name
>> reg maxtondesigns .au domain name
>> trademark Maxton
>> exclusive distribution agreement with Maxton
>> do not invest $ in someone else’s brand unless you have most of the above secured for yourself.