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bb1, post: 251101, member: 53375 wrote:
Check out [USER=34537]@LucasArthur[/USER] they seem be switched on

Thanks Bert,

Hope all is well.. not sure about switched on though :)

Vavoom, ok got a silly question, if i may? Are you the store in St Kilda? If so, you’ll laugh if we chat to each other.. long story..

Re 3PL, are you actually talking about furniture? chairs, tables and the likes? To be honest, you may not only find it difficult to locate a 3pl to tackle this and then on top of that is the burden of locating one that weill treat your items with due diligence that is required (QA etc)..

Other thoughts would include things like quality checking, or are you happy to have items just shipped without being checked.. EG: most items form China, furniture wise, are shipped in crates or cartons or combination of both? are you then wanting the 3pl to deliver in box, out of box or other – another complication and thought to assess.

Although i have not given you answers, you will need to have your expectations outlined before contacting a 3pl..

Another thought, if it is furniture, may i suggest you look at a 40ft HC instead of 20ft? just the cost reduction to increase size (freight wise) is minimal and will bring your cost per CBM down significantly allowing you to be more competitive on pricing..

Hit me up, here or there, and will try assist.


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