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juspam, post: 251109, member: 100347 wrote:
Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing great!
Long story short, I’m having an opportunity to import a type of food from Asia to Australia, which I haven’t seen them here at any markets yet. The plan is that we will be the importer and use distributors to distribute the product to Asian Grocery stores and others, as we don’t have the resources to distribute. I have a few questions:

  1. We’d love to be the exclusive importer of this product to Australia. How hard is it in terms of negotiation to the manufacturer and what factors that I should know before hand before going in the negotiation?
  2. Should I approach the smaller distributors first before going for the big guys? My concern is that I know most of the distributors are also importers. Hence, what risks and benefits I’ll be facing if we do and do not have the exclusive contract with the manufacturer?
  3. In terms of payment, I reckon that us as an importer will have to make a deposit/pay in advance for the production to the manufacturer. However, would the distributors pay us in advance for their orders also? Cause I’ve heard that in this industry, sometimes the importer has to pay fully in advance for the first order for the distributor. But not sure if it’s true.

Sorry for the long questions, just wanted to explain myself as clear as possible. I hope if someone could help :) Thank you guys!

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