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Hi [USER=51270]@Tech Away[/USER]

Checked out your site earlier today, from mobile. There’s an issue or two on mobile.

In Landscape mode the navigation got caught up with the logo (I think) and was illegible above the fold for a bit…Also very slow. That’s on a very good 4g connection Samsung S8.

Retried on a notebook recently all the content is there that I’d want and well laid out imo, too many distracting widgets though.

Desktop loading was also VERY slow (FTN NBN connection).

As is my habit, ran the site through some tests (3 – all from Sydney and Melbourne servers) all were averaging load times of over 20 seconds …I’d be talking to your competitors after 4 or 5.

Maybe you’re in Beta mode. If not you need someone that really knows their stuff to optimise it e.g. Pingdom (the easiest test imo) 108 requests, 24 second plus load time, 94 % of websites tested are faster. There are a heap of 404 not found errors too.

I figure selling IT it’s probably not the best look.

All the other seemed ok.