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Hi [USER=100205]@Schoolworks[/USER],

We have used MailChimp before and a few other email builders in CRM like Agilecrm.

MailChimp has some good stats about average industry expected opening rates. From the industries that I personally have experienced over time, 30% is actually a pretty average number, meaning it isn’t bad but it isn’t exceptional either.

Whether or not people receive your email or not might depend on whether it gets caught by spam filters or not in their respective inboxes. If the email addresses you have are work email addresses that could be very likely. Gmail has a pretty solid spam filter as well.

It could also depend whether your subject and title of your email are catchy, standout and obvious that it is your company. It is possible they might have just missed it.

I would suggest you ask your clients to Whitelist you, so that they search within their SPAM folder and emails to find you, then add you to their contacts, this should mean that you avoid the spam filter.

Also here are some tips on how to best avoid SPAM filters too.

1. Limit the number of links in your email
2. Use a unique title and subject
3. Avoid words like ‘cash,opportunity, sales, promo, offer, debt, congratulations” – basically any kind of text that you might receive from a spammer.
4. Keep your graphics simple and don’t over use.

Hope this helps.