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Adam Martelletti
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[USER=76820]@Steve T[/USER], There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to e-commerce depending on what model they have setup if its drop shipping, You need to make sure that the suppliers are happy to continue with you once taken over.

Sales history is one thing but you want to be looking at the ROI from each sale. If none of the sales are recurring customers or coming in through organic ranking/content/listing and all sales come through from paid advertising I wouldn’t touch it and just build your own from scratch.

It’s very easy to set up an e-commerce store run sales with very little to no profit and flip it as an e-commerce store if you’re paying less than $50k I would say it best to invest your money into your own built from scratch.

I’m far from an e-commerce expert but I have built and sold 2 in the past and that my opinion.