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Hi Rich,

If by corporate you mean large businesses such as Coca Cola Amatil or Nestle or Telstra, these guys usually have a Procurement or Purchasing team that looks after all supplier related purchases e.g. corporate grounds maintenance which could include landscaping. Depending how formal and structured their procurement process is, typically they could go out to the market with a tender, and each contract could last a couple of years depending on negotiation. The tendering process and the negotiation process could drag on so make sure your cashflow can sustain a longish process (3-6 months is fairly typical). The benefit is obviously the length of the contract and once you’re in, you’re likely to be there for a while, even after the contract expires you’re likely to simply renew it as opposed to go out to a full tender.

A way to get in contact with someone from Procurement would be look them up on LinkedIn.

Hope this helps.