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Most of my commercial people have come about in exactly the same way as my residential, but once I got one job with a body corporate company (Owners corporation) they would send me more as they like it when they don’t get complaints from residents so they keep using the same panel of providers until you do something which gives them grieve.

Watch out for Real Estate agents, they don’t pay until their home owner pays them (ie gets rent in, etc), whereas body corps pay immediately as they get their money upfront. I no longer do Real estate work, to muh hassle chasing money, I do for one agency but they guarantee to pay me without waiting for the client, but this is very unusual, but they like that I am reliable and will generally fit the job in yesterday (I charge a bucket load though). I know of a couple of business’s built on servicing Real Estate, their biggest complaint is waiting for $’s, and so many of them end up having to go to VCAT (Victoria).

Just remember if chasing big corporates as mentioned above (Coke, etc), how much Landscaping do they want. I know the business who at one stage was doing work for a large telco, and they were being paid peanuts, as the competitive tenders allow the large corporates to negotiate well above what normal commercial business would or could.