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Byron Trzeciak
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I would expect that “Social Media Company Perth” is going to be very high competition so expect to be at that for a while.

You’ve broken up your site into different services which is great, each one of these services can be optimised for different types of searches.

The issue is that when I go to facebook advertising page I get a meta title that looks like this “
Perth Social Media Company | East Victoria Park | Hero Social | FACEBOOK ADVERTISING”

It should be something like “Facebook Advertising Perth | Hero Social” where your most important keyword is at the start of the meta title.

You have around 55 duplicate meta title descriptions
Hero Social is a social media agency that specialises in growing the customer and client base of businesses through social media management, marketing & adverts

This should be unique to every page and relevant to the service / on page copy.

Site speed is slow

Obviously it’s a fairly new domain and website so you just need to grind for a while.

Post new content regularly, use your social kung fu, look at paid advertising (probably very expensive and I don’t think your site will convert at a high rate in it’s current form), or create content on the questions your customers are asking:

“how much does social media cost”
“what questions do I ask a social media agency”
“how to hire a quality social freelancer”
“how to build a profitable facebook campaign”
“which social platform works best for small business”

Etc etc.

Update: I say that your site won’t convert at a high rate because I think your call to action is not strong. What action do you want people to take and make sure that it’s a bright colour or something that jumps out of the screen at you.

Hope that helps