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Trent Tran
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Hi Elise

I would be honest upfront.

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here owns a gift shop/newsagency store and could give me some ideas of how much wholesalers generally charge for things like greeting cards and gift wrap and what the retail markup is?

Johnsands, Hallmark, Simson are the 3 big boys

They got their card printed for 10 cents each and whole sale at $2.5 (GST exclusive) with up to 30% rebate for incentive if you reach the threshold minimum order (for example $10,000 per month, you would receive $3,000 potentially). This can be achieved if you a Nextra or NewXpress members

All cards printed in China

Markup is 100% most of the time. ($2 wholesale GST Exclusive) $4.5 retail (GST Inclusive). Christmas period, you will be given extra bonus stocks. If stocks do not sell, you can return and get 100% credit back. If you agree to sell 70% or more cards of a company, you will be supplied card stands and fixtures (no charge)

Card Designs are changed monthly. If a category does not sell, card rep will change the entire collection for you. No cost !

No freight charge. Just a minimum order of $150 AUD

I’m an illustrator and would like to wholesale my designs on greeting cards etc to retail stores. I know a bit about the process of wholesale as I’ve managed wholesale orders for a company before but I am totally going in blind when it comes to what to charge for wholesale and what to specify for recommended retail price for this industry. I’m going to a trade show soon and if anyone is interested in what I have I’m sure the first thing they will want to know is the price!

If you can offer no sell, free return, I think you will attract some customers. However, as they are having a great deal with those big 4, you may not have a lot of space to move

Johnsands also own Papyrus (High end Greeting card) which sells well.

I’d also love to hear what shop owners in this industry /want/ to see on their shelves!

They want what sell best without risk. That is why those card rep offer if no sell, 100% credit back

I hope this is the right place for this thread… and help would be amazing!