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The problem with link analysis is you have to know a bit about it. As a bit of a sweeping statement I’d say when I look at backlink profiles there are generally less than 15% I’d find myself actually examining any further than the first cull, the rest are dismissed as not consequential.

Many webmasters and SEO people place waaaaay too much weight on backlinks and those tools that tell you you’ll need 15 or 25 or 45 links ‘to outrank the competition’ are so effing wrong and irresponsible they should be banned immediately.

Links can be a factor, no question, BUT… how much weight do they carry these days and in what particular search markets, verticals, search subsets etc is a different matter.

For the Google watchers – note how Mueller and Illyes recently both said ‘there are no particular top 3 signals…’ (or words to that effect).