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nicknz, post: 252091, member: 100897 wrote:
Just had a quick look at your website and I would focus on getting the basics right before looking at the link building side of things. Just had a look at the title tags on your homepage and the current one is “8 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples and Why They Work | Social Revolution”
Oh yeah, damn, good spot!

So you definitely need to sort out your theme then, as it doesn’t seem like it has something as basic as a correct page title structure in place, and if it’s missing something as basic as that I’d worry about what else it was missing.

And clicked through from one of your homepage links to this page: http://socialrevolution.com.au/rambo_project/online-bookings

Not really sure what’s going on with the layout here (on any screen wider than 870px), there’s a small image stuck by itself on the left, then a huge space of nothing between some text in the sidebar at the right. It’s missing content in the main content area.