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Hi Lee,
Michelle hit the nail spot on with her advice to target potential client’s search queries.

What was not detailed was the very different info needs of all the client segments you may want to target. This is the major stumbling block for most websites.

I always made marketing interns spend time on the road with great salespeople. Good salesfolk are the ones who would instinctively match a specific product’s or service’s features with the needs of an individual customer. That’s what you need to do on your website.

You can’t publish a website that attracts client types (the term “personas” is often used) then converts them into enquiries without this skill.

Forget frequently used keyword planners. This is where people start their searches. You want to rank #1 when the very small numbers that are your real target audience finish their searches. There has never, ever been a keyword planning tool that provides this level of info.

As the business owner, you need to define:

  • How many new clients can you support per month?
  • What types of clients do you want to attract?
  • With what volume of social media budgets?
  • In which market categories do you prefer?
  • Which social media programs do you prefer to service? (Facebook, Instagram. LinkedIn, etc.)
  • What locations can you best support?

The biggest barrier for social media marketing is that after all these years it still has trouble justifying its return on investment.

I suggest you need to take on this major negative with your own success stories.

You need to provide info about topics like these:

  • What social medium works best for different communications objectives
  • What social medium works best for repeat customers vs. new customers
  • What social media programs work best for which market segments – B2B, B2C, women, men, in which country, etc. etc.
  • Do you have any case studies, reviews, referrals?
  • In which industries / markets do you have experience?

Good luck.