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This problem seems to be one of two parts. The first is getting people to your site and the second is keeping them there.

On getting people to your site, the backlinks thing is rather overrated, it’s very “oldschool”. I’ve seen sites which rank a hundred pages on page 1 throughout the US doing it with just 2 backlinks. These are special backlinks that have a high page rank and very valuable. Those are what you should go after. Forget about trying to get 14,000 backlinks of dubious quality because they will never be counted by Google.

Second is the citations. Citations are marvelous gambit by those companies to sell you other products. They usually don’t work in order to rank your site. You should get going for just 3 or 4 with high trust flow. I’ve included a list here from a site which will give you something to choose from.


I’d only go for those which are absolutely high, and 4 sites is ample. This is contrary to the assertions of very animated people who want to make you get their services.

Third is engagement. This, I think, is the one which is probably more important than anything else – having good engaging quality copy, having pictures, having videos, having a reason for people to stay on the page for at least a minute – is an excellent way. That will count for more pretty much than anything.

So if you run with these ideas in conjunction with the other suggestions of the people in this forum post, I think you will do well.