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Hi JohnGG,
Sorry to be picky, but you seem to be offering a link to inaccurate, misinformed and out-dated info about backlinks/citations.

I jump in because we have so many business owners who may not be able to assess the SEO consequences of your ref’ed article.

First, Google’s position. Here is what two G spokespeople said about backlinks from minor business directories last year:

Oct 2016: Google: Directories Often Not The Right Way To Build Links

“On Friday, Google’s John Mueller and Gary Illyes both made stern comments about directory links. Gary’s was the most telling, where he wrote on Twitter “directories are very often not the right way to build links.” John Mueller’s tweet was more cryptic using the “Directories? 0″ message.”

Your link is to a page on a backlink building service site that seems to be unchanged for three years. G has been at war with backlink building services like this and the tactics they recommend. A 3 year old page in this envirnment is likely irrelevant.

The article cites impressive sounding terms like “domain authority” or “trust flow” but these are just metrics concocted by an SEO tool vendor. Neither is used by Google. Their use is not explained by the backlink service.

Crucial Google indexing/ranking factors include:

  • The tool vendors do not know which backlinks and link texts G uses in its PageRank algorithm for a specific search query.
  • Has G indexed the directory page that contains the link to your site?
  • Can/will G pass PageRank back to your site? (If it is a “no-follow” link, no PR will be passed.)
  • How diluted is the PageRank as it passes through the business directory?
  • What link text is used on the directory page?

I ran a short assessment of the first 10 business directories listed in the article. It suggests how outdated and SE ranking irrelevant are the directories:

1. aussieweb.com.au
No link pathways from site’s Home page to any business category rellevant to our poster’s (LeePerry) site. G has indexed 717k pages on Aussieweb. By the time PageRank arrives at a business page, it is likely worth 3/5ths of 5/8ths of damn all.

2. australianguide.net
This site seems to be no longer active. G is down to only indexing 38 pages. All seem to give a “server too busy” signal.

3. bloo.com.au/
All Directory Links: “no-follow”
“No-follow” links do NOT pass G’s PageRank. This site is useless for any G ranking boost.

4. brownbook.net/
Very incomplete site navigation pathways. That should result in many businesses’ pages and their backlinks being excluded from G’s index.
Eg: No category page indexed by Google for /social+media+Australia

5. businesslistings.net.au/
A very minor business directory. Only 10k pages indexed by G.
Very incomplete site navigation pathways should mean little PR passed to business listing pages.

6. businesssearch.com.au
This site seems to be no longer active. G is down to only indexing 157 pages. All seem to give a page “not found” error message.

7. citybase.com.au
This site seems to be no longer active. G has no site pages in its index.

8. comeonaussie.com/
A very poorly structured business directory. Only 3.5k pages indexed by G.
It does not seem to publish any business category / location pages.
Passing PageRank (if any) back to a businesses’ website is likely a constantly changing raffle.

9. cylex.com.au/
Links from business listing pages back to websites are “no-follow”. These cannot pass any PageRank.

10. dlook.com.au/
A small directory. G has only indexed 164k pages.
No social media business category indexed by G.

As far as I can see not one of these ten business directories are worth the time to submit to them.

Worse, listing in some of them may do your site harm. Here is what Google says:

Google’s Search Console Help – Link schemes
“Here are a few common examples of unnatural links that may violate our guidelines:”
“Low-quality directory or bookmark site links”

If you are going to build backlinks be very, very careful about how you do it.

G has hit some sites with penalties that were too hard to remove and the only solution was to rewrite and rebuild them on a new domain name.

PS. There is no “trust flow” in Google’s algorithm. If there was:

  • “Fake news” would not be word of the year
  • G would not be fronting up to a USA senate enquiry
  • Hillary may be celebrating HER 1st year as President