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JohnW, post: 252863, member: 6375 wrote:
Hi JohnGG,
… but you seem to be offering a link to inaccurate, misinformed and out-dated info about backlinks/citations.

… on the contrary, when read in context with JohnGG’s post;

JohnGG, post: 252850, member: 99296 wrote:
1. … the backlinks thing is rather overrated, it’s very “oldschool”.
2. … Citations are marvelous gambit by those companies to sell you other products. They usually don’t work
3. … … You should get going for just 3 or 4 with high trust flow.

The merit of John GG’s recommendation in my opinion is that the business will have 3 or 4 additional web properties in the appropriate search results, potentially in addition to the business website.

Do businesses care about jibberish such as domain authority, trust flow, backlinks, “no follow” and etc etc? or they really care more about the phone calls they receive?

Not so “useless” after all, is it?