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Hi Huey Liew,
JohnGG’s statement seemed pretty clear to me:

“I’ve included a list here from a site which will give you something to choose from.


I’d only go for those which are absolutely high, and 4 sites is ample”

Your reply would infer that you do NOT know that links from the listed directories offer NO expectation of a boosted search result. Is this your intended message?

If you hang around FS for a while, you will find that statements and questions about DA (domain authority) PA (page authority) and their various synonyms from the different tool vendors are topics that are constantly cropping up on FS.

It seems many FS business owners get to know the terms because so many are bombarded by SEO spam emails promising to deliver external links from high DA websites.

Huey quote: “Do businesses care about jibberish such as domain authority, trust flow, backlinks, “no follow” and etc.”

Some of us old FS hands have been trying to educate business owners on the inaccuracy, irrelevancy and futility of such statements over many years.

I only know of one way to remedy the scam SEO problem and that is to help educate business owners with facts and logic. Are you able to join us?

Some of the most misrepresented, misunderstood and irrelevant terms include those concocted by the SEO tool vendors. It’s not the tool vendors, they will usually give an accurate description of their tool’s application but the spammers, scammers and SEO incompetents who ignore those.

These are some of the terms most frequently thrown at business owners – domain authority, page authority, trust flow and backlinks. Business owners should understand what they mean before falling for the blandishments of some SEO service that uses them as its own performance metrics.

If you have some alternative solutions, please let us know.

Hang around FS for a while (or do a forum search) to see how long, involved and heated are posts about dud SEO services. They should change your opinion very quickly.

Huey quote: “…or (do) they really care more about the phone calls they receive?”

Not all the small businesses on FS want phone calls. All the purely e-commerce and ad revenue sites are not too interested in them as a metric. Retailers, restaurants and entertainment services will want their sites to drive visitors through their doors.

For many, phone calls will be an important metric but it maybe too blunt to offer all the marketing comms feedback needed.

BTW, I have a much better and simpler starting test for assessing the potential value of small business directories as an external link sources than metrics like domain authority and trust flow.

Do three test searches:

  • Search 1: plumbers +(your suburb/town)
  • Search 2: veterinary surgeons +(your suburb/town)
  • Search 3: (your business category) +(your suburb/town)

All small business directories target Google search results based on a (business category) +(location) query.

  • The plumber+location search is a relatively high competitive search query type.
  • The veterinary surgeon+location search is a relatively low competitive search query type.

Check the G search results for both queries down to the top 20 G results to see what business directory pages crop up in the top 20 results.

You will likely find that the only general business directories in today’s top 20 query lists are:

  • Yellow Pages
  • Truelocal
  • White Pages

Folk may find there are more industry vertical directories in the list than general business directories these days.

Backlink building these days goes way beyond any SEO tool vendor’s metrics.

Use them at your peril.