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Paul – FS Concierge, post: 251352, member: 78928 wrote:

I agree.

But perhaps a better analogy for online is that with good SEO, a local business can be the Woolies or Coles – 1st result gets over 30% of the clicks for a search – that is a lot. It is a huge advantage for any business that wants to grow.

If the customer clicks and they do not like what they see however, their next step is to click away from the site and go to a competitor.

A lot of businesses come to Flying Solo and ask about SEO – but like you say, if SEO is good but everything else is not to the standard their buyer expects, then there will not be a sale.

An alternative question is,”What do I need to do to increase sales in my local area through online and how much will it cost?”

If my business is any sort of example, I genuinely believe that building an online sales channel effectively can provide a local business that wants to grow with an amazing ROI.

At the same time, if money is spent and the online presence (and subsequent human to human interactions) is poor, then that money will have been a waste.

We have most aspects of our business down pat. We have only paid for a hard copy listing of yellow pages one year and business cards. Yet to invest any money into advertising or marketing in the past 10 years and have been successful considering. Our products and services are great. Customers return and recommend us frequently.

Almost all larger glazing companies pay, what I consider, big bucks to Yellow Pages for an online listing of a particular level. We have a free yellow page listing and I presume we would be wasting our money being sucked into upgrading from a free listing? Our main competitors yellow pages online page comes up above us on google for a few search terms. Will we naturally overtake our competitors YP page over time?

I don’t plan on paying someone to apply SEO to our site as I plan to learn how to digitally market our business and learn SEO. If it takes 3-6 months and an hour every night, so be it. Happy to invest $500-1000 if required if that guarantees more income.